Deer Hunting Price List for 2016-2017 Season
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Stand fee, lodging, continental breakfast, two meals, transportation to and from stands.                            $400 per person per day.

Stand fee, lodging, you buy the food and we prepare and serve, transportation to and from stands.$300 per person per day.

Stand fee, lodging, transportation to and from stands.
                                                                 $220 per person per day.

Stand fee, transportation to and from stands.
                                                                 $140 per person per day.


Trophy buck green scoring below 110 Boone & Crockett (all points counted)                                                $3,000

Trophy buck green scoring between 110 & 120 (all points counted)

Trophy buck green scoring between 120 and 139 7\8 Boone & Crockett (all points counted)                  $1,900
Trophy buck green scoring between 140 and 149 7/8 Boone & Crockett (all points counted)                 $2,000                                                                                                            Trophy buck green scoring 150 to 155 7/8 Boone & Crockett (all points counted)                                     $2,100

                                                156-160 7/8 $2,300
                                                161-165 7/8 $3,200
                                                     Over 166 $4,000

Keep in mind that there have only been a handful of deer killed in the 160 class in all of Georgia, and if you are blessed enough to get one, you will get all sorts of endorsements. Also, it is recommended, if you hunt in this part of the state, that you get in any or all deer hunting contests. You might just win enough to pay for your trophy! 

Second buck killed                 Add $500 to above prices

Button bucks                                                                    $750

 Does                                                                                $500   

Search fee for wounded buck not found if you draw blood.  (This deer is lost or deformed and will never have a good rack, even if he lives.  If and when we find your buck, you can pay the difference, after it has been scored.  In 30 years we have only failed to find 6 bucks.
It is possible that you will see wild hogs or varmints while deer hunting. Shooting them will NOT mess up your deer hunt.  However, NOT shooting them can mess it up.

Wild hog cleaned and quartered.                                    $400
Wild hog, you clean and quarter.                                    $150
Wild hog, we keep the meat.               NO CHARGE
Coyotes, bobcats and fox (in season)NO CHARGE

A minium of $100 gratuity for your guide is expected.

Wise Olde Pine can have your kill processed to your specifications, packaged and frozen.
Deer                                                   $  75
Wild Hog (including sausage)           $ 140

We have over 70 permanent deer stands located on 3000 acres, and typically have 6 to 10 hunters at a time although we can accomodate up to 18 hunters with lodging, so you have a wide variety of terrain to choose from.  In fact, after you learn the place, your biggest problem will be deciding where to sit that day.

We have a shooting range that is available to all hunters to sight-in their rifles.     
Theo's Boone & Crockett Buck.  Less than an hour after arriving at Wise Olde Pine, Theo bagged this 11 point, 162 Green Scored B & C. from the Africa Stand (pictured below).
Pup (aka, Roy) and Mickey with Pup's huge 10 point with 26 inch mains, taken from his favorite stand....Pup's Perch, pictured below
Wise Olde Pine
Quail Hunting Plantation
590 Three Bridges Road, Americus, GA 31709
(229) 846-5491
This is where the big bucks are located in Georgia.
(Map courtesy of Georgia Outdoor News.)
Wise Olde Pine
His taxidermist scored him at 151 3/8.. This buck was 6 1/2 years old and was killed on Jan 4th, 2013. I never got a picture of him on any of my 11 game cameras, go figure!
Here are 2 bucks taken at Wise Olde Pine 15 years apart.  You can see how the good genes have remained with the game at the Plantation over time.

.October 22, 2016- January 8, 2017 Deer season dates