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Aron Stross from Ft. Myers, FL took this 138 2/8 ten point this morning, Oct 18th, at 8:30 AM from the Cowboy West stand.  This buck weighed 225 pounds and is sporting a near perfect symetrical rack.  It was a brisk morning and the wind was blowing pretty hard.  
 He was crossing a food plot and made the mistake of stopping. Aron dropped him at 205 yards.  Great buck Aron!   Aron saw 9 more deer after he took this stroker.  Who says that deer don't move when it is windy? 
Aron Stross came back to Wise Olde Pine for another chance at a Trophy buck yesterday.  This time he brought his twelve year old son, Dustin. Aron was hesitant because the weather has turned hot, but I told him not to tell the deer about it and to come on up.  Dustin took this 121 4/8 ten point this morning, 10/29/09, from Alvin's Middle Tower Stand at 8:15 am.  They had seen him earlier but couldn't get a clean shot.  Then he appeared behind them at 40 yards and met his fate.  The 243 that Dustin was shooting hit it's mark.  Skeeter only had to trail for about 50 yards and there was Dustin's first trophy!  How about a father and son back to back ten points.  Don't ya love it when a plan comes together!
Talk about a once in a lifetime Stroker!  Mark Batcho brought his 14 year old son Travis to Wise Olde Pine yesterday, 11/4/09, for their first Father/Son trophy deer hunt.  Travis had never killed a deer before, but had been steadily practicing his shooting skills with his single shot 243.  They didn't have much good fortune yesterday or this morning, so they decided to stay for the afternoon hunt.  Great decision!  They sat at the Big Field stand and at 5:55 a doe stepped into one food plot, at 150 yards and Travis dropped her in her tracks.  Then at 6:00 this bruiser casually walked into another food plot and started grazing!  Travis asked permission to shoot the buck and seconds later he fired at him, hitting the buck at 150 yards.  Travis is truly blessed, as this big boy ran away from the swamp and toward the hill.
 I had my best guide, Greg Hamlin, with me as we started to look for the deer. There was no blood anywhere, but both hunters swore that he ran into a pond bottom and crashed.  We put Skeeter on the trail and she took off along the edge of the swamp and down to the edge of a pond. We were stumped, still no blood, so we took her back to the original spot, only to end up at the same place again!  Then she hurled herself into the thickest briar thicket in the woods and I followed her and there this monster laid.  You could only see a little white belly hair and we couldn't tell how big the rack was until we got him out of the thicket, then WOW!  This 11 point scored 144 7/8, and sported a 7 inch g1 with 4 stickers on it, another single 7 inch g1,11 inch g2's,10 inch g3's, and the base mass was 7 1/2 inches!  He weighed 215 pounds

And just to round things out, Aron took this 250 pound wild Boar while he was waiting for his buck.  Hunting is never boring at Wise Olde Pine.
Doctor T. from Miami, Florida with his 4th trophy from Wise Olde Pine in 6 seasons.  This one is his largest!  He sat on Lester's Line morning and afternoon since Monday and had seen lots of deer including one shooter running at mach one.  He asked last night what our thoughts were and I told him that I would hang in there if I were him.  This morning, 11/19/09, was uneventful.  He had only seen a few does and he was thinking about getting down when this 151 3/8 eleven point come out of nowhere running by him at 40 yards.  He quickly drew down on him and made a clean shot but the buck didn't slow down!  We got there about 1 1/2 hours after the shot and put Skeeter on the trail.  In about 3 minutes we were taking pictures!  Way to go Doc.  Another one for the wall.

Rollins Monkus from Columbus, Ga with his 200 pound boar hog that he shot in the eye from the Saw Dust Stand.   Needless to say he dropped in his tracks!  Great shot Rollins.  Looks like you have some good eating lined up.
Buster Cheek from Toccoa, Ga with a 180 boar hog that he shot from the Pine Stand in the swamp.  He made a great running shot and it was quite an ordeal getting him out of the thicket.  With the help of Spike Arsua, head guide, and Pat Brigham the task was accomplished.  We got 80 pounds of fine sausage out of this boy!
Bill Valdez strikes again, twice in the same day! He killed the heavy racked 8 point at the Saw Dust Stand on the morning of November 22. This buck scored 118 4/8 and weighed 225 pounds.  He was checking scrapes and running alone.  Skeeter trailed this buck for about 200 yards and we found him in the creek with just his horns showing.
Then on the same afternoon, he was sitting at the Kudzu, where he had killed a fine 10 point last year, when this nice 10 point came trotting by.  He made a clean shot and the buck never slowed down.  Again, we put Skeeter on the trail and minutes later we were loading up this buck.  He scored 118 6/8 and weighed 220 pounds.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  Ole lady luck was on Bill's shoulders!  Make room on the wall  for these fine deer Bill.
Aron Stross, "Pony",  from Fort Myers , Fl. killed this 240 lb 9 point on Nov 9th at 10 am from Lester's Line.  This is his 9th hunting season at Wise Olde Pine.  He has killed a stroker for 3 years in a row. After watching three different bucks chasing does, and not being able to get a shot, this bruiser came strolling by, and stopped broadside at 160 yards. Aron shot him and he bolted off. 
Skeeter and I showed up an hour later, and Skeeter found the buck 100 yards from the point of impact, in about 2 minutes! 
This is Skeeter.  She's a Chocolate Lab and probably the best deer tracking dog in Georgia.  Once she's on the scent your biggest job is hanging on to her catch rope.
"Little Man"  John Schonning killed the biggest buck he has ever killed.  John is 83 years old and still loves his time in the deer woods.  He made a running shot on this fine buck, Nov. 15th in the morning.  Way to go, Little Man.

Buddy "Buster" Cheek from Toccoa, Georgia, killed this fine 13 point non typical buck, this morning at 6:50 am. He was chasing a doe and made the mistake of stopping in the food plot to catch his breath. Buster shot him in the chest and he ran about 60 yards into a thicket. Skeeter found him in just a few minutes. The Cowboy West stand has produced another monster. This buck scored a whopping 159 5/8, weighed 220 pounds, had a 24 inch neck, and will certainly adorn his trophy wall. This was his biggest buck ever.  Congratulations, Buster!
Earl Cooper from Pensicola, Florida celebrated his 80th birthday at Wise Olde Pine, along with his son David, and grandson Drew, on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday morning, he killed this fine 120 class 9 point at 8 am.  He had 12 inch g 2's and 9 inch g 3's. Talk about a birthday celebration!  See you next year Earl, good buck!
Robert Conyers, from Miami, came back to Wise Olde Pine for his fourth season and killed this fine eight point in the rain this morning.  He saw this buck come out of the woods with two other bucks in the South Swamp.  He couldn't make up his mind which one to shoot, but opted for the widest rack and the tall tines.  This buck scored 129 7/8, had 9 inch g 2's and 8 inch g 3's, and weighed 200 pounds.  Happy Thanksgiving, Robert!

Dick Melohn from Davie, Fl. is 82 years young and still hunting every chance that he gets.  Dick killed this fine gobbler on April 9th.  His guide, Manny Fernandez, called him up in the middle of the day, using soft purr's and two decoys.  One shot at 30 yards and the bird was down.  He had 1 3/8 in spurs, weighed 22 pounds and had a 11 1/4 inch beard. Way to go Dick.  You got yourself a trophy gobbler 
Vance Dietz, of Atlanta, killed both these trophy gobblers with one shot at 15 yards!  This is Vance's first trip to Wise Olde Pine, but he is coming back.  His guide , Greg Hamlin , called in 4 gobblers running together from 300 yards away!  He was out in the field setting out a couple of decoys when he spotted the birds at the other end of a 50 acre plowed field.  Greg crawled back to Vance, who was set up just inside the pines, and called one time.  All 4 gobblers came running in, and 2 of them met their fate!  One of Vance's gobblers had a 11 1/4 inch beard and 1 1/2 inch spurs and the other one had 10 1/4 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs.  Both birds weighed 16 1/2 pounds. They were the biggest gobblers that Vance had ever harvested. 
Bubba Munn, a lifelong friend of mine and my Daddy, Jean Wise, has been helping with the turkey guiding this season here at Wise Olde Pine.  He and I have been after a big bird that has eluded us at every turn.  It was so hot this morning that I opted not to go but Bubba was persistent.  He set up near the swamp, and made one call at daylight, and heard one gobble. He didn't make another call until 8:45 and 2 birds gobbled at the same time. They both came running in from 300 yards away and they both met their fate.   Two shots, two dead birds!   Both birds weighed 22 pounds, both had 7/8 inch spurs and both had 11 inch beards.  Talk about a great day in the turkey woods!  Congats Bubba!
Aron "Pony" Stross strikes again!  He brought this monster down with one shot at about 200 yards as he was trotting through a peanut field with another buck this morning, 10/29/11, at 8 am.   Aron let a fine 9 point walk the other day and decided that he was going to hang in there until he had another chance and it paid off.  His son, Dustin, was sitting in the stand with him.  This buck scored 146 on the nose, had 11 scorable points, a 24 inch neck and weighed exactly 240 on the hoof!  Buck season is about to take off! You are the man, Aron!
Robert Tison, from Jacksonville, Fl. put this stroker 10 point to rest this morning, Nov 3, 2011 at 8 am.  He was sitting at the Sawdust and nothing much seemed to be going on, when out of the east corner he saw two bucks headed his way.  There was an eight point trotting ahead of this bruiser and they both slowed down as they got into the open field.  It didn't take Robert long to make up his mind.  He shot this buck at 40 yards and he hit the ground.  The eight point ran a few steps and went back to feeding, and was there until I got there to pick him up. This is Roberts second hunting season at Wise Olde Pine and from the looks of it, he is coming back. This buck scored 158 3/8, weighed 225 pounds, and had a 23 inch neck! He had heavy mass and long tines. It is the biggest buck that Robert has ever killed in Georgia. 

Greg "Nut" Shields from Waycross , Ga. harvested this fine 12 point from the Pond Stand near the big house.  No one has sat there in three years!  He didn't get on the stand until 4:30 because we were busy around the farm. At 5:30 sharp, this monster came walking by at 150 yards.  Greg grunted at him and he stopped.  Then with perfect shot placement he shot him in the shoulder and he ran about 80 yards. Skeeter trailed him and found him in just a few minutes. This buck was Greg's biggest ever.  He had a 19 5/8s inch spread, had split brow tines, scored 156 5/8, weighed 220 pounds, and had a 22 1/2 inch neck.  You got yourself a hoss, Greg!
Buddy "Buster" Cheek and Steve "Spike" Arsua with a pair of nice hogs. They killed the 175 lb sow and 250 boar this morning bright and early!  Spike saw the group of hogs and killed the boar and as they exited the field the sow ran about 400 yards and slowed up in what she thought was a safe zone, only to be 14 yards from Buster.  He made a perfect head shot, so now we have some good pork for the freezer!  Way to go fellas!
Jeff Mezzanotte, from Myrtle Beach, S.C. killed this stroker 8 point this afternoon, 11/14/11 at 5 pm from Dilly's Corner.  Head guide, Spike Arsua, suggested that he should sit there because they had seen a big one in the area, and it was a stand that is seldom sat on.  The afternoon was uneventful until this big boy came through chasing a doe.  One look at this buck was enough for Jeff, and he had to take the shot!  He sent us a text and let us know that the deed was done and it was picture taking time!  This was Jeff's 3rd seating on the place and his first time hunting with us.  We are proud for you Jeff.  The buck scored 132 1/8, had a 17 1/2 inch spread, and weighed 190 pounds.

We had noticed considerable hog signs in an area, and learned that they were feeding before daylight. So buster and Eddie got up at 4:30 am and went on an adventure. I loaned Buster one of my rifles that is very night compatable, and we decided to sit in the stand together, in hopes of making the odds better for more hog production.  As I was climbing the ladder, Buster was still on the ground when this 300 pound boar came racing across the field at 5:30 am. Buster freehanded a 100 yard shot and disabled the hog. After daylight I went into the woods and finished him off while Buster watched the lanes.  Just another day at Wise Olde Pine.  It's sausage making time!

Noel Torres, from Ft. Myers, FL had never been hunting, much less shooting a rifle.  Aron Stross was looking for a hunting partner so he took Noel under his wing, and after one week of practice, shooting and gun safety, he came to Wise Olde Pine.  He broke the ice with this fine doe and made a perfect 150 yard shot.  Noel is hooked, even though he was a little reluctant to get initiated!  Good job, partner!

Steve Grant from Davie, FL killed this buck Thanksgiving week.  He has hunted all over the world, and commented that he had never seen so many whitetails.  He had seen a lot of bucks, and when he saw this one, he couldn't resist shooting it.  He made an almost perfect shot, but the deer ran off.  After tracking it for awhile, we were able to find it. This buck was a warrior, as he had many bruises and battle scars.  He weighed 200 pounds and sported a nice rack. Good job, Steve, see you next year!

Noel Torres Jr. came to Wise Olde Pine with his daddy the first week in January.  He took the hunter safety course and only missed one question!  He practiced shooting his 243 and came hunting. The first time in a stand he saw some does and couldn't get a shot.  They went back to the same stand the next morning, Alvin's Middle Tower, and 4 does came across the food plot.  Jr. made two perfect shots and killed his first two deer. Needless to say he is hooked, just like his daddy.  See you fellas next year!
Buster Cheek, from Toccoa, Ga. killed his first gobbler.  Alvin McPherson, Buster, and Mickey were set up overlooking a burned off section of pines, 
and set out 3 decoys.  Several different birds were gobbling all morning long.  Then four gobblers came in strong and Buster killed the lead bird.  Way to go, Buster! 
Mike Hogan from Pine Mountain, Ga and Whitty Havel from Tavernier, Fl. drew the Sawdust as their hunting area for opening morning. They set up alongside the field under a big oak tree.  At daylight the woods were alive with gobbling, and after about an hour of coaxing, they called in 3 nice gobblers, and were able to bag two of the three.  Whitty's bird had a 10 1/2 inch beard and 1/2 in spurs and Mike's bird (his first) had a 9 1/4 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.  Both birds weighed 21 pounds. Good job fellas! 

Kelly Dixon from Blackshear, Ga. came to Wise Olde Pine for his first hunt on opening weekend 2012, with Greg "Nutt" Shields.  He sat on the Saw Dust in the morning and saw a few small bucks and does.  He was advised to sit there again that afternoon, and he was glad that he did. This fine buck came trotting through along the duck pond edge, in the tall pines with his nose to the ground.  Kelly grunted, got him to stop and made a perfect shot at about 80 yards. This 8 Point buck had a 26 1/2 neck, weighed 250 pounds, had a 19 inch spread, and scored 131 4/8.  He said that it was the biggest bodied deer that he had ever killed in Georgia.  Needless to say Kelly assured us that he was going to be a regular here at Wise Olde Pine!  Great job, Kelly. We love it when we don't have to track one!
Jeff "Rambo" Mezzanotte from Myrtle Beach, SC couldn't come hunting on opening weekend because he had to work so, this was his opening hunt.  After enduring 3 days of 30 mph winds and seeing several bucks that didn't meet his requirements, he decided to sit in the South Swamp Stand and he is glad that he did.  He didn't see a deer until 8:30 am when 2 does popped into the lane, then darted back into the woods  Then a large doe came running across the lane.  He got ready and out came this hoss!  One shot from his 7mm magnum and this big boy fell in his tracks at 200 yards!  This 10 point buck weighed 240 pounds, had a 24 1/2 inch neck and scored 137 2/8. This is his second season at Wise Olde Pine, and this was Rambo's biggest buck in his life, both in body weight and rack size. Way to go, Rambo, you are the man!

Aron "Pony" Stross strikes again.  Aron killed this fine 8 Point the week 
after Thanksgiving at the Cowboy West.  The morning was kind of slow and all of a sudden this big boy came crashing out of the pines and crossed the lane.  Aron shot him on the run and we trailed it with Skeeter and Spike for 
about 150 yards. The end result was a 132 4/8 eight point that weighed 230 
pounds and had a 23 inch neck.  Aron has scored with a good buck for 5 years in a row! 
Bob Conyers had to cut his trip short because he is playing college football for Ole Miss and he had to get back to practice.  Bob and his Daddy, Robert have been hunting Thanksgiving weekend here for 7 years and they are going to have to break tradition because of Bob's committment to football.  What a way to end a season, with this fine 120 class 8 point.  He was chasing a doe in the South Swamp when he slowed down and Bob dropped him in his tracks. See you next year bob, after football season!
Jeff "Rambo" Mezzanotte, strikes again! Jeff has become a regular at Wise Olde Pine, and he is a shooter!  One shot is Jeff's limit and the buck is dead!  Jeff was sitting in the South Swamp stand in mid December and had already seen several small bucks.  it was approaching dark thirty, when this fine buck stepped into the west lane and started walking toward him.  His only shot was dead in the chest.  He placed his shot and pulled the trigger.  Then the buck darted back into the swamp.  With Skeeters help we found the buck in a matter of minutes. The only hard part was dragging him out. The buck scored 123 5/8 and found a place on Jeff's trophy wall.  Good job Jeff, see you on opening weekend, 2013! 
Daniel "Tiny" Clark, from Wildwood, Florida killed this beautiful buck on Jan 4, 2013 from Lester's Line. This was Daniels second hunt at Wise Olde Pine. He had sat in that stand and had seen lots of activity in early December. The morning was slow and he hadn't seen a deer until he caught this big boy rubbing his horns on a pine tree. He knew that this buck was a shooter! The buck was walking away from him.  Daniel snorted at him and that did the trick.  He got within 240 yards and all Daniel could see was his neck and head.  He threaded the needle and shot him right under his ear!  This buck had a 19 inch spread, a 23 inch neck, split g 2's, was 6 1/2 yrs old and scored 150 3/8.  This was the biggest buck that Daniel has killed in the entire southeast. Daniel is hooked on Wise Olde Pine and has already booked a hunt for this upcoming season. Great job Daniel.  We like it when we don't have to track one! However, Skeeter was dissappointed!
Jason Singleton, from Richmond Hill, Georgia, shot this 11 point buck at Spike's Loop in the afternoon, in early December.  We trailed the buck until about midnight and lost the trail near Little Run of the creek.  Several weeks later, Spike Arsua found the buck about 3/4 mile down the creek from where we lost the trail. Jason is getting the buck mounted and we can then display him in proper fashion. This buck scored 141 5/8 and had a 18 inch spread.  He was Jason's biggest buck in his lifetime.  When I called him and told him that we had found his buck, he said "now I can sleep at night!" 

Aron Stross scores the Wise Olde Pine icebreaker again this year!  He had come for opening weekend and had only seen small bucks and does for several days.  He selected the Africa Stand as his location for his 10/24 stand pick. Several does came thru then this bruiser came quartering across the lane about 100 yards from him. Once he saw how big that he was with his binoculars, he quickly set his sights on him!  He shot the buck and it hit the ground, then got back up and ran off.  No time for another shot. 
After a two hour wait, we went over with Skeeter to trail the buck. There was no blood or hair at the point of impact, because the bullet never exited.  Skeeter picked up the trail and found him in a matter of minutes!  He ran about 80 yards and was dead when we found him.  He is a 10 point, weighed 219 pounds, had a 22 inch neck, and scored 151 
3/8.  This was Aron's biggest buck in the southeast.  Way to go Aron, great shot!

Mike Kirkland, from North Fort Myers, Florida came to Wise Olde Pine for the first time and arrived on Thursday night.  He sat in several stands and saw some bucks and does.  On Saturday, 10/26 he chose the Africa stand where Aron Stross had killed his buck earlier this week.  About 7:50 am this fine 10 point, 121 3/8, 185 lb buck came across the lane with another buck.  With perfect shot placement,  Mike downed this buck, with a shot thru both shoulders.  He crippled off for about 20 yards and dropped! 
This was not only Mike's first buck , but also his first deer ever!  He has been hunting many times but had never been blessed enough to harvest a deer.  Mike is 34 years old and is one happy hunter!  Needless to say, Mike is hooked.  Not many people get to break the ice with a 10 point, way to go Mike!

Shaun Farkus, from Oxford, Florida, came up to Wise Olde Pine for his first 
hunt on 11/7/2013, and sat that afternoon and saw several bucks but none were shooters.  Then the next morning he chose the South Swamp stand. He didn't see a single deer until 9:00 am, then the woods broke out with deer!  He saw a doe come through with 3 bucks chasing her, and a few minutes later 2 more bucks came across and he picked out this 126 2/8 buck, put the crosshairs on his shoulder and made a perfect shot.  The buck had something else on his mind and bolted off into the woods.  After waiting over a hour, which seemed like eternity to Shaun, we went down to begin our search.  We found the buck 80 yards from the point of impact, and the picture taking began! Pictured with Shaun is Rhett "Pookie" Caruthers, my son, who brought Shaun up here to hunt. This was Shaun's biggest Georgia buck and he was tickled pink about his accomplishment!  Shaun is already planning his next hunting trip to Wise Olde Pine.  See you soon Shaun, good job!

David Gruber, from Wildwood, Florida shot this 120 class 8 point on 11/09/2013.  The shot was 180 yards.  We found blood and went on the trail into the swamp.  We jumped the buck 3 hours after he shot him and we decided to go back the next morning and look. After about 2 hours of tracking through some huge "wait a minute" briars, I came out on the edge and smelled what I thought to be a gut shot. After following the scent for about 100 yards I found him.  Needless to say, David was elated and came running toward me to see his quest. This was David's biggest buck that he has ever harvested.  He only began seriously hunting whitetails three 
years ago. Good job, David, see you next year!

 Jeff “Rambo” Mezzanotte from Myrtle Beach, SC is a regular here at Wise Olde Pine.  He came and hunted opening weekend but did not score.  He had his sights set on killing a hoss buck and refused to settle for anything less.  He arrived on Monday and had seen several small bucks on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  He opted to sit in front of the big house at Big’s Hill Top stand for a chance to see some new scenery.  About 5 pm he saw 5 does come by at a pretty fast pace. Then he saw a small buck in pursuit. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted movement and it was this once in a lifetime trophy.  Without hesitation he drew a bead on his shoulder and squeezed off a round, making an almost perfect shot! The buck ran about 50 yards and dropped dead!  This fine 9 point scored a remarkable 158 3/8.  He had extremely heavy mass ( over 5 inches at the base), 25 inch main beams, a 19 5/8 spread, and weighed 230 pounds! You are the man, Rambo!
Buddy "Buster" Cheek from Toccoa has been hunting at Wise Olde Pine for 
about 15 years , every year the week before Thanksgiving.  This year, he 
chose the Saw Dust as his favorite stand. He had seen several small bucks and many does, when this 3 1/2 year old 8 point came out following a doe. 
He was in hot pursuit and disappeared into the woods but after a few minutes he came back out into the field and met his fate.  This is one of Buster's 
biggest bucks in his life.  He had a 20 inch spread and scored 126 2/8. 
Welcome back to being on the website, Buster!

David "Davo" Cooper from Fish River, Alabama, killed this 4 1/2 year old 
buck the week before Thanksgiving.  He shot him from his favorite stand 
which is also named after him, Davo's Swamp Stand.  Each year when the Kennel comes for work week, Davo takes a group into the swamp to trim around his namesake. It paid off this year when he dropped the hammer on this big buck, who was chasing a doe. The buck weighed 230 lbs, had a 24 inch neck, a 22 
inch spread, and scored 130 b&c. One shot, one kill.  We like that.   
Especially in the swamp late in the afternoon. Good job, Davo, see you in 2014!

Jeff "Rambo" Mezzanotte, from Myrtle Beach SC, killed this 150 lb sow from 
Davo's Swamp Stand the week before Thanksgiving, just a couple of weeks 
after he killed a "stroker" buck on the hill.  He is just a hunter from the 
word, go!  Hog sightings are not as common around here as they used to be, but, Rambo saw her strolling along all by herself and with perfect shot 
placement, hit her between the eyes! There was no tracking involved, just 
loading her up and getting her out. Nice shot Rambo!

Steve "Spike" Arsua , from Blairsville , Ga. who also is the head guide here at Wise Olde Pine, harvested this fine buck on December 23, 2013, at the Cowboy East stand.
Spike and I don't hunt at the plantation, because we save that privilege for 
our valued customers. Also, we don't go hunting while we have customers here. With all that being said, now on with his story.
We got to our respective stands at 5:00 pm and we both started seeing deer minutes after arrival. Spike had 5 bucks and 3 does milling around him and needless to say he was excited. All the deer were about 300 yards from him and he was having a show. Two of the bucks were shooters, and he wanted to make sure that he picked the biggest one.  However, it was getting darker by the minute and one buck left the party with one doe.  He was the last buck 
to come out and as he got closer to the stand Spike could see his rack 
better and his excitement level began to rise. Then the buck turned and went into the woods, so Spike got out his doe bleat call and figured that he didn't have anything to lose.  Well, it worked, because the buck came back out of the woods and started his way toward the stand. When he got about 75 yards away a doe got his attention and he turned and started quartering away.  Then Spike made perfect shot placement through his shoulder, and the buck ran about 5 yards and fell dead!
This was Spike's biggest buck and his first wall hanger in several years! He scored 133 5/8, had good mass, a 17 4/8 spread, and weighed 205 pounds. Talk about a happy holiday season!  Santa Clause came to town!  Great job Spike!

Aron "Pony" Stross from Ft Myers Fl, killed this fine buck on the Sunday afternoon of opening weekend, at the Sawdust Stand. He was trotting across the field at 220 yards and when Pony saw his size he quickly got off an 
almost perfect shot.  With the help of Skeeter we were able to find him in a matter of minutes.  Somehow, this write up got lost and we are just now sharing it with you all.  The buck weighed 205 lbs, was 3 1/2 years old and scored 133.  Well Pony, now its official, you are on the website more than I am! Congratulations.
 On the morning of November 19th Jeff "Rambo" Mezzanote was sitting in the Sawdust stand. It was a misty, gray, overcast, morning. He had hunted hard all week from daylight to dark every day, taking a nice buck three days earlier! He was feeling like the weather wasn't cooperating...or so he thought. Here is his story: At daybreak, much to my surprise I saw a glimpse of a deer across the field toward the branch sneaker stand. As I looked closer through my binoculars, I could see that it was a decent buck laying down on the edge of the field. My heart started to begin to race. I grunted several times and finally got some movement, and noticed a couple of deer, but couldn't make out exactly what they were through the sage brush. They milled around for a while and this went on for about 15 minutes or so. I started to rattle and after a few minutes the buck started come toward me followed by a doe and another deer in the brush, it ended up being 3 deer. The last deer was a big heavy antlered buck and there was no mistaking he was a shooter! They got hung up about 250 yards away and it was a chess match for another 15 minutes or so. As they would turn and walk away I threw some grunts and rattled and they would come back in, and turn and walk away. My patience was definitely being tested! The smaller buck and doe finally came within 100 yards but the big buck laid back 250 yards in the high grass and cover. He never presented me with a clean shot. With the weather being misty and a little foggy, it made things much more challenging. I didn't feel comfortable attempting a shot in the situation the way it was. I finally did another rattling sequence feeling in my gut his curiosity would get the best of him, or he was going to get spooked and walk off anyway..I had nothing to lose! In a last ditch effort, I laid into the ratting horns hard for about 15-20 seconds simultaneously with some grunts, in what I thought was a last chance to get a clean shot and look at him and it caught his attention! It was working out...and now it was on! He came in through the high grass across the field (still in cover) where being in the stand was the only way to see him. Had I been at ground level there was no view or shot. He got to within 100 yards turned broadside to make a loop back in the direction he came. He finally came out of the high grass and stepped into the lane giving me an unobstructed view and I placed a perfect shot in his shoulder. He ran back through the cut out, and came out on the corner of the field and died. After getting to him I noticed how perfectly symmetrical he was and how heavy his antlers really were! I would venture to say although he wasn't my biggest deer ever (in overall inches) but he was probably my heaviest rack buck ever. I'm very proud of that deer because I worked my butt off for him. Had it not been for patience, determination, and timing of rattling he would not have been harvested. The hunter I was 5 years ago before coming to Wise Olde Pine, would have never harvested that deer!
  The buck was 4 1/2 years old , sported a 10 point main frame rack, with 3 nice stickers, making him a 13 point. He had lots of heavy mass. He weighed 225 pounds and scored 144 7/8. Again , Rambo made it on the website, twice in one year! You go, Bo!!!

This was Stanley Kalicki's first time ever hunting at Wise Olde Pine, and
he had one big item on his bucket List! He wanted to harvest a 10 point,
and he did just that! This fine buck was running solo on this particular
November morning and came within 50 yards of Big's Hill Top Stand, where
Stanley was sitting. He made a perfect shoulder shot and dropped this big
boy in his tracks! That barrel sitting next to Stanley is a 55 gallon drum,
just to give you some perspective of the size of the rack. This buck was
aged at 3 1/2 years old. Stanley is from Lutz, Florida. This was Stanley's
biggest buck that he had ever taken. Great job, Stanley, see you in November
of 2016, we can't wait to see you with a 12 point!

Chris Constantino , from Ocala , Florida, had been hunting in Alabama, for
many years and had become disgruntled with the hunting there, when he heard
about us from a friend. Chris played musical stands for a few days and
finally decided to ride the Africa Stand. After seeing several bucks on the
afternoon of 12/5/2015, he noticed this monster come thru running a doe in
mac one, he passed several lanes while chasing a doe, and Chris couldn't
get a clean shot! He finally put his gun up at the opening that the buck was
running toward, and as he hit the opening, Chris squeezed off a shot. We
could tell that it was a hit, but still gave it a hour and a half before we
went in to look. When we found him, his back was broken and we had to finish
him off. The buck was a main frame 8 , with a sticker on his G 2, making him
a 9 point. He was 4 1/2 years old, had a 24 inch neck, 24 inch main beams,
and an nineteen inch spread, and lots of mass, ending him in a 146 even
score. He weighed 245 pounds on the hoof. With the exception of the sticker
point, this buck had a perfectly symmetrical rack! This was the biggest buck
killed here in 2015 and was Chris's biggest buck in his life! Patience paid
off for you Chris! See you in October!
It was the morning of November 6th, 2015 and it was kind of chilly, and we
didn't have any customers, So Spike and I went to the graveyard to hunt. We
never hunt to kill at the Plantation, because those deer are saved for our
customers. We got to our prospective stands, and got settled in and just
after daylight I noticed a wide racked buck coming straight toward me, so I
position myself to shoot him in the chest. Then he suddenly turned right and
went out of sight! I set up at the nearest opening to shoot, and right when
he got to the opening, he did a 360 and headed back to the lane that he was
originally walking toward me on! So , I swung back around and got ready.
When he hit the opening, he started making a scrape and I put my gun on a
medium to high shoulder shot, and squeezed the trigger, and he hit the
ground like a sack of taters! I don't know when that I have been more
excited! I waited patiently for a hour, even though I could see him laying
there, and then Spike came over and helped me load the 230 pound bruiser on
the truck. He scored 139 2/8 and was the biggest buck that I had shot since
2002. Just another great day in the woods , with my friend! That's what
keeps us going back! 

On the morning of November 16, 2015 Buster Cheek and Rambo Mezzanotte , each
killed respectable bucks!

Buster was sitting at Harry's Condo and Rambo was at The Big Field.

Buster had a rodeo, before he saw this beautiful non typical 9 point. He had
several bucks dart in and out of the woods into the food plots, chasing
does, and then this big boy came trotting
out and Buster didn't have to take a second look to know that he was a
shooter! One shot to the high shoulder and he dropped in his tracks! He
weighed 229 pounds and scored 138 on the nose, and was a nine point! Again,
Buster is on the website for the forth year in a row, Go Buster!

Rambo had seen several bucks and does and some of the bucks were chasing
does. He saw this stud, slipping down the woods edge, and made perfect aim,
to hit him in the high shoulder, and he fell in his tracks as well. Rambo's
buck weighed 220 pounds and scored 133 3/8 and was a 9 point.
This was the first time in three years that Rambo didn't kill the biggest
buck of the year, but he filled his hunting tag, here at Wise Olde Pine.
Great job, Rambo!
​David "Okreboy" Gruber, from Wildwood , Florida has been hunting here for several years,and has killed a number of nice bucks. He has turned into a true trophy hunter! He had heard many times from all of us that when a shooter comes out, you don't have to think twice , before you make up your mind to shoot! It was November 28th, 2015, in the morning, and the big boys were chasing does. David picked Lester's Line as his stand of choice. It's one of those stands that work a fella to death, because you have a 360 degree view! About 8 am after seeing numerous activity, he looked south and saw this stud crossing a lane with his nose to the ground. He quickly pulled up his gun, put it on the bucks shoulder and shot! Well, friends, he missed him! But he thought that he might have hit him, so we told him that we would
be over there in a hour or so, and for him to sit tight. After about 45 minutes, he heard something behind him to the north, and all of a sudden the
buck that he had shot at, was about 40 yards west of him, standing still and checking out the does. to the south! David quickly mounted his gun and
squeezed off a round and dropped this buck in his tracks. Talk about being blessed and getting a chance at a big buck twice!
The 8 point buck had lots of mass, an 18 inch spread and scored 131 6/8 , and tipped the scales at 215 pounds. Now David, aren't you glad that we
asked you to sit there and be patient :-) See you in a few months David! 

Jason Crider, from Richmond Hill, Georgia, has been a regular at Wise Olde
Pine for many years. He has watched his hunting partners and his business
partner, Jason Singleton, kill trophy bucks, but he has been patient,
waiting on the buck that he wanted on his wall. On this particular November
morning, (11/22/15) He chose to ride the South Swamp Stand. He has sat there
several times and had seen lots of activity, but hadn't had the opportunity
to make a perfect shot (so we wouldn’t have to trail in those thick "wait a
minute" briars) He had seen deer crossing in every direction, when all of a
sudden this 255 pound bruiser came into view! He was 240 yards away, but he
had such a big body that it dwarfed his rack! Jason did not hesitate, and
placed his shot on the bucks shoulder and stoned him in his tracks! This
buck was 6 1/2 years old, had an eight point rack, a 27 inch neck, measured
directly below his ears, an 18 4/8 inch spread, and scored 130 5/8. He was
so big , that he looked like a donkey with deer horns! Needless to say, but
Jason and his bunch will be back again this year! See you fellows soon! 

John "Ironass" McDaniel, named that because he likes to sit all day in the
deer stands, from Brooksville, Florida, has been hunting here for several
years, and has never seen or had the opportunity to have a good shot at the
buck that he was looking for. He loves the swamp, but on this particular
morning, 12/18/15, he opted to sit at The Top of the Hill Stand. We had 
noticed a lot
of activity in that area and he had never sat there before. He had his hopes
set on a ten point or better, but when this tall tined , crooked brow , big
boy, came into the picture, he changed his thought process. He watched the
buck cross two lanes and when he got to the third lane, he placed his sights
right on the bucks shoulder, at about 150 yards and dropped him in his
tracks! The buck weighed 205 pounds, and sported an eight point rack. He
scored 125 5/8, and was Jon's biggest buck in many years! See you soon, IA! 

Aron "Pony" Stross always gets two bucks a year , here at Wise Olde Pine!
The 2015 season proved it again. He killed this buck at the Lester's Line
on the morning of November 15, 2015. It is one of Aron's favorite stands
and it proved to be a good pick for him , on this particular morning. Aron
is a shooter, if he shoots , he kills. This buck was strolling through the
woods, checking scrapes and Aron had to wait for him to stop and give him
the perfect shot. His patience worked and he stoned this buck in his tracks
at about 200 yards, Great job Aron! The buck scored 125 5/8 and tipped the
scales at 220 pounds, we feed them good around here!

Aron "Pony" Stross, killed this buck at The Africa Stand on the morning of
November 14th , 2015. He was a fine nine point and if his main beam hadn't
have been broken, he would have scored a lot higher than 127 6/8.
Pony had only seen a few deer, until this fine buck caught his eye as he was
slipping through the pines , with his nose to the ground. When he crossed
the lane, Aron had a bead on his shoulder. The hit was solid, in the
shoulder but this 235 pound bruiser carried it about 100 yards down into a
thicket, where we found him dead. Two nice bucks in two days, great job!