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This is Robert Miller of Beaufort N.C.  It was his forth time deer hunting and the first buck he had ever seen in the woods. He came down here with his group just to cook, and wanted to kill a hog, but settled for this 133 B & C eight point. Needless to say he is excited and is coming back next year. It was a 140 yard shot and he dropped him in his tracks.

This is Chris Weed's first trophy buck. He was sitting in the Africa Stand, Saturday morning, when he saw a big cloud of dust. When the dust cleared, this 153 1/2 class eleven point buck was standing the after he had made a scrape. A doe ran by him and he started to chase her. Chris yelled at the buck and he stopped at about 40 yards, where he met his demise. Congradulations Chris, you got a stroker!

Johnny and Karen Johnson , from Baxley , Ga, came hunting on  Friday, November 18th, for their first hunt at Wise Olde Pine. They tried the Sawdust stand, and saw several bucks that they couldn't get a good clear shot on. They decided to give it one more shot on Sunday morning. They were about to get out of the stand, and Karen had her hands full, so Johnny sacrificed, and made a perfect shot on this 128 7/8 class eight point. Needless to say, they are coming back next year!
Bill Valdez killed his first trophy buck in his life, off the Hourglass Stand on November 21st at 9:00 am. He had already heard shots all around him and was sitting there thinking that he was not going to have any luck, when all of a sudden this big boy came out chasing a doe. Bill quickly put his cross hairs on this 129 class whitetail and squeezed off a perfect shot. He said that he didn't get nervous until after he shot the deer! Way to go, Bill, see you next year.

Roy and Tammy Johnson of Broxton, Ga. With a fine 8 point that weighed 220 lbs. They were sitting together in the Sawdust stand when Roy spotted this big fella making a scrape. Way to go Roy!

This year has been so busy this far we haven't even had time to put up some hunting pictures on the page until now.  We finally have a day of down time, so here are a few of the happy hunters at Wise Olde Pine this year.
Ken Lott, of Auburn, Al, killed his first hog, a nice 200 lb sow. Dropped her in her tracks at 150 yds. Way to go Ken, how were those pork chops?

Lil John Schjonning is the Turkey Hunting King, but he finally got his trophy buck from Big's Hilltop Stand..  A nice 8 point that weighed in at over 200 lbs.  What's next John, hogs?
Ole DOOFUS (Dr. T) was one of the first ones to put a trophy on the web site, but he had been slacking off lately.  That is until he planted this B&C 137 10 point from the Albino Stand at near dark.  Welcome back to the gallery DOOFUS.
After trailing this 225 lb, 120 class,  eight point for 5 1/2 miles, and 6 hours, with a bloodhound, because another customer took a running shot and just nicked him, we ran this deer within 225 yards of Steve Hovland. The buck stopped to get his breath, and Steve placed a great shot on him. Way to go Steve, you saved the day, or we would still be chasing this one!

It's Turkey Time Again
Ragg and Alvin scored a double on Opening Day.
Next it was Whitty's turn, with an 11" beard and 2" spurs on this bird.
Dave Copeland from Tallahassee broke the ice in 2007 with this fine 8 point on his first afternoon at Wise Olde Pine.  He was sitting in the newly renovated South Swamp stand.  Ten minutes after being dropped off, he started seeing deer. Then this 230 pound bruiser jumped in the middle of three does and started chasing them around. He followed one into the swamp, and 20 minutes later, he showed back up, still chasing does, and met his fate. One shot, one kill, he dropped him in his tracks. Nice job, Dave!
Joe Havel (Whitman) took this 200 lb, 130 class trophy 8 point  at 232 yards in the morning from the Big Field stand after seeing 27 deer walk by.  Nice shot Whitty!!
 Drew Cooper from Baldwin County AL took this 121 class 215 pound nine point the morning of 11/19/07 from the Trophy Stand.  This was the biggest deer that Drew ever killed. He watched him make a scrape and rub on a tree, before he was able to get a shot.
Mike Hogan, of Callaway Gardens, Georgia, killed this fine 10 point, that scored 144 7/8 the morning of 11/19/07 from the Kudzu Stand. He watched him thru the fog for about 300 yards, finally when the fog cleared, he was only about 40 yards from his stand. He shoots a single shot rifle, and had to make his one shot good, which he did!  This was Mike's biggest deer. Great job, Mike!
Bob, son of Robert Conyers, of Miami, killed his first buck this morning, Nov 24th, at 9:00 am, at about 100 yards. They sat on Alvin's Middle Tower Stand. They saw two smaller bucks chasing a doe, when this big boy came into the picture. Robert whistled and this 200 pound 8 point, stopped, then Bob squeezed off a round, dropping him in his tracks. This buck scored 118 on the nose. What a nice first buck!
Here's Drew and Mike with both of their fine trophys.  Sure made for a busy morning at Wise Olde Pine.
Every now and again the boss gets to trophy hunt.  Mickey took this fine buck on his day off.  First one in 6 years.  Deer season keeps him kinda busy.
Bill Blythe, from Auburn , Al.  killed this deer in Nov 2006.  He shot him from the Big Field stand and he ran into the swamp. We trailed him and jumped him, and he ran back up on high ground.  We couldn't find a blood trail, and we gave up the search.  About 3 weeks later, we were trailing another deer, when we found this one.  He had run all the way to the John's Deere Stand.  Bill just got him back from the taxidermist. This buck scored in the high 130's.

Whitman strikes again.  They just weren't gobbling this year, but Whitman stayed with it when the others quit and bagged another trophy gobbler down by the Big Field.  Must be those stove pipe boots.
Dr. Bill Blythe from Auburn, came back to the same stand that he killed a huge buck off of last year, and this morning, he killed another one. He had seen 6 other 8 points, before he decided this was the one! He killed this 120 class buck at 150 yards, from the Big Field stand. Way to go, Bill!
Ken Lott, from Auburn, Al. killed this fine buck from the Bobcat Stand in the North Swamp this morning at 140 yards, and he dropped in his tracks. This buck weighed 220 pounds! It looks like things are picking up!
Steve Arsua, from Blairsville, GA killed this 120 class deer on Nov. 19th in the afternoon from Harry's caboose stand. He was chasing a doe and met his fate when Steve dropped him in his tracks. 

Aron Stross from Fort Myers FL killed this buck from the Albino Stand at just after daylight November 21st.  He was 400 yards away chasing a doe.  Aron waited until he was about 100 yards away and dropped him in his tracks. Aron has been hunting here at Wise Olde Pine for 6 years. Way to go, Aron!
Terry Pfibsen (Pflip) from Waycross, GA has been hunting here since 2001.  Don't know how we missed putting his 2006 trophy on the web site, but here it is now Pflip.  
Top of the Hill, Thanksgiving 2006, 190lb, 9 point, scored 129.  Dark 4.5 year old swamp buck. Terry arrived at 4pm and took him at 5:45 pm.
Pflip rattled up and took this nice 10 Point at the Sawdust Stand Tuesday morning.  He saw 5 other bucks before taking this one.  When we got there to pick him up, there was an 8 point and a 3 point still fighting.
Buddy Cheek from Toccoa, GA was walking back from the South Swamp stand when this 9 point ran out right in front of him.  Way to go Buddy.
Bill Valdez strikes again! Two years ago, he killed his first trophy.  On November 23rd at 5:15 pm he saw a doe getting chased thru the woods.   She ran across the food plot at the Kudzu Stand, then this 141 7/8  Ten Point filled up his scope.  There was no question in his mind that this was a shooter, so he squeezed off and dropped him in his tracks!  The g2, g3, and g4 on his left side , were all 9 inches long. This is a good un, Bill!
Robert Conyers, of Miami, came back to Wise Olde Pine for his second year after watching his son kill a nice buck last year.  He sat at the Saw Dust for his first hunt and saw a stroker 10 point, but he was running the whole time so he didn't take the shot.  He decided to try his luck agin this afternoon, 11/28/08, and at 4:00 pm, he decided to put some meat in the freezer so he shot a doe. Then at 5:00 pm he saw this buck chasing a doe. When he saw the 8 inch brow tines, he knew that this one was a keeper.  He placed a perfect shot and dropped this 120's class ole boy in his tracks.  Robert was very happy.  He and his family will be back next year!  It is truly Thanksgiving!

Joseph Law, from Mobile Alabama, killed this 200 pound boar hog on Thanksgiving day.  He saw 3 more and decided to pick out the biggest one.  One shot dropped him in his tracks.  The South Swamp stand paid off again!
Tommie Stinson Jr, from Illinois, was visiting his Daddy in Americus, and had just completed his hunter safety course.  His Daddy told him that if he could find a place to go hunting, he would take him.  Last night, Dec 20th, Tommie found us on the web, so Tommie Sr. called me this morning and they came here to hunt today.  Tommie Jr. had never shot a gun in the field, only target practice. He had just gotten a pre-Christmas present, a Remington model 700 BDL 243, but they didn't have a scope, so I loaned them my Daddy's 243 with a scope.  They sat in Harry's caboose, and at 5:45, the rodeo started.  First they saw a buck with 5 does, and as Jr was positioning himself to shoot, two 130 pound hogs stepped in between them and the deer.  Jr decided to shoot a hog, one shot, 125 yards, and the hog hit the ground.  What a great first adventure!  Way to go, Jr !
Bob Conyers, from Miami, killed his first buck last year and came back during Thanksgiving, only to get to see a nice buck that his Daddy, Robert killed.  They came back this morning, Dec 26th, after driving all night.  I put them out about 6:15, at the Top of the Hill stand, and the fog was heavy.  They couldn't see at all until 7:55, that's when the rodeo started.  There were does behind them and they looked out and saw 2 bucks trotting across the clear-cut.  Bob saw that the lead buck was a shooter, so he squeezed off a round, hitting him perfectly in both shoulders. He ran a few yards on just pure adrenalin, and fell dead.  Looks like Bob is hooked!
Bob Conyers and his father, Robert came back for turkey season after both killed trophy bucks during deer season here at Wise Olde Pine (see above).  Bob scored his first turkey with the assistance of master caller, Greg Hamlin, as his guide.  Nice first bird Bob! 
This is Derek and Steve Arsua with their father and son turkey kills. 
Derek's bird weighed 22 pounds, had two 11 1/4 inch beards and 1 1/4 inch spurs, Steve's bird weighed 21 1/2 pounds, had an 11 1/2 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs. Talk about a once in a lifetime hunt, here is it!