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Wise Olde Pine
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There are two basic types of turkey hunting, Ambush and Stalking.  Most hunters use a combination of both. We find that when you try to do both, you do neither well.

Ambush is using a permanent ground blind, located near a known roosting area that fronts an open area, and simply out waiting the turkeys (much like deer hunting).  This requires a minimum of calling but decoys, usually a hen and a jake, are essential.  This technique is great for hunters who have limited ability to walk or run significant distances over some pretty rough terrain.

Stalking is simply going to a known roosting area, listening for a gobbler and a "fly down", and trying to circle the bird and put yourself in his general path.  This requires a well developed calling technique, a lot of stamina and the ability to be perfectly still in a crouched or sitting position for a considerable period of time.

Both methods can be successful when employed properly. 
 Wise Olde Pine can provide the Turkey Hunter with either. 
We strongly recommend that you use a guide if you intend 
to stalk a bird, even if you intend to do your own calling.

Turkey Hunting Prices

Morning and afternoon hunts, with a guide, lodging and 2 meals       $350 per person per day.

Morning and afternoon hunts, with lodging and 2 meals                       $300 per person per day.

 We usually limit the number of hunters to 2 or 3 in order to give them the required personal attention they deserve.  We also ask that you tip the guides for their services, even if you do your own calling.
PUP (Roy), DOG (Wayne) and Lil (John) scored a triple on turkeys, all in less than 2 minutes. 
Mickey and Lil (John) with Lil's first gobbler.
Georgia Turkey Hunting Season Dates
Statewide March 25th to May 15th 2017