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Normally, one big buck is a great morning, but on November 2, 2014, we had three in one morning!  About 7:30 am, we hear a boom/whap in the Africa stand direction, and Aron “Pony” Stross texts that he has a ten point down!  We give it about a hour and start to head his way, then another boom/whap!  It is at Lester’s Line, where Greg “Nutt” Shields is sitting, and he say that he has a 9 point down!  So, we pick up Pony’s buck and take it to the house, and go get Nutt’s buck after about a hour. Then we hear another boom/whap at the South Swamp stand, where Jeff “Rambo” Mezzanotte is sitting and he says that he has a huge 9 point on the ground! This picture just doesn’t do the deer justice, so I guess that I need a better camera, but as you look at the other pictures you will see why Rambo’s buck scored 161 5/8!

Both Pony and Nutt shot their bucks passing across their respective lanes and each dropped their bucks in their tracks.  Pony’s buck scored 138 1/8 and Nutt’s buck scored 118. 

Rambo, on the other hand, had not seen much all morning but a few does and small bucks. He was cleaning his binoculars and watching a small buck tend some does at about 250 yards, when he heard the sound of water being slurped, he looked to his left and this bruiser was drinking water, 30 yards away!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  He eased his gun up and shot the buck. It ran about 20 yards and dropped dead! Rambo’s buck had 25 1/2 inch main beams and an 18 1/2 inch spread with lots of mass!  Great day in the woods, fellas!
Rambo's Buck
Donnie Johnson, from Summerfield, Florida, had never been hunting at Wise Olde
Pine, but got a referral from a fellow landscape company owner in Wildwood, 
Florida. He wanted to come in January but I said "why not come now?" so he
did! He got here on November 6th and killed his buck the morning of November
7, 2014. He looked at the aerial photo listened to our recommendations 
and opted to sit at the Big Field, on his first morning here. It turned out to be a 
great choice! He had seen several small bucks and passed on them, when all of a
 sudden, he saw two bucksrunning toward his stand, the bigger one following 
the smaller one. They were 400 yards away and kept coming. When they got
 about 80 yards from him,they both stopped and turned broadside. He placed 
his crosshairs on the biggest bucks shoulder and fired! The buck went down,
 and immediately stoodback up, and started limping away! He then shot him  
again and he dove into the sage grass. When we arrived at his stand , it only took a few minutes to locate this hoss! He scored 133 2/8 . He weighed 220 pounds and Donnie was a happy hunter!
Jason Singleton from Richmond Hill, Georgia has been hunting for many years at Wise Olde Pine, with his lifelong friend, Scotty Pflibsen. They try
to come a couple of times a year.  Jason had shot a buck at Spike's Loop a couple of years ago and we didn't find it until some weeks later. So, he was hard pressed to make a good killing shot on another stroker and take the pictures with his buck!  He had been sitting on his stand since 2 pm andhadn't seen anything until right at dark thirty, when a doe came crashing through with a huge 8 point right on her heels. Jason was unable to make a good shot, but already had his rifle shouldered, when this stud 12 point came out into the lane at 50 yards!  Jason placed his shot right on the buck's shoulder and squeezed off.  He saw the buck crumple but he kept running.  Then
a few seconds later, Jason heard it crash!  When I arrived well after dark, we were unable to find any blood, but kept walking the trails until we
found some. The buck ran about 50 yards, until he got hung up in a "wait a minute" brier that stopped him in his tracks.  Jason and Scotty were both elated, and I was as well! He killed this buck on 11/21/14. The buck weighed 240 pounds, had 23 4/8 inch main beams, 18 4/8 inch spread, tall times, and heavy mass, and scored 150 5/8! We took a lot of pictures!  We had many pictures of this buck and we called him Roman Nose, because his nose was broken fighting!  Great stand choice, Jason, it was well worth the work to
get there! 

Pony Stross had to kill a bigger buck, so on November 9, 2014 he opted to sit at the Cowboy West stand as it has always been lucky for him.  He had only seen a few does.  Then as the sun was going down, he saw what he thought to be a nice buck walking straight toward him from 300 yards away. He sat and watched as the buck got within 40 yards of him and saw that he was
bigger than he thought!  He placed his shot right on the shoulder andsqueezed off!  The buck ran about 20 yards and crashed into the woods.  When
Spike and I got there to pick him up, we saw this stroker 14 point laying just inside the woods!  He had lots of mass, long tines, and 22 inch main
beams and weighed 220 pounds!  Way to go, Pony, you scored another year withtwo bucks under your belt! 

Knute Carnes from Baldwin, Georgia came hunting here with his lifelong friend, Tommy Garrison. They arrived on November 16th and hunted for a couple of days, both seeing bucks that just weren't big enough to suit them.  On the afternoon of November 19th, Knute was sitting at the Sawdust when he heard two bucks fighting, and the fight went on for about 5 minutes.  Then behind him he heard a deer crashing through the woods.  He immediately saw that this was the biggest buck that he had ever seen!  He placed his shot
right on the bucks shoulder and dropped him!  His nine point buck scored 130 points and Knute was smiling from ear to ear when we arrived to help him get the buck loaded. I wonder how big the other buck was! 
Nick Norman, from Ocala, Florida, killed the biggest buck that he had ever seen in his life at 15
yards!  He chose Connie's Salt Lick as his stand. Spike had sat there scouting several days before and watched a buck for 30 minutes at this same stand and wanted Nick to get a shot at him. Nick was hunkered down in the stand, when this big boy just strolled up and stayed for awhile. Nick was in shock at first, but gradually calmed down, and had to turn his scope to the
lowest power, just to be able to make his shot placement. He made a perfect shot and dropped him in his tracks. I don't think that any of us have ever seen anyone who was more excited than Nick!  He even kissed the buck, no kidding! The boy is fired up, to say the least! He killed this 8 point buck on 1/9/15. The buck weighed 210 pounds, had a 19 4/8 inch spread, 23 inch
main beams, and scored 133 4/8. Great job Nick, see you in November! 

Donnie Johnson did come back in January and he brought Nick Norman and
Phillip Hisey, who each killed nice bucks! Pictured here is Phillip's biggest buck in his life. He killed it on 1/11/15. He had sat in severalstands and hadn't seen a buck that would score good, but patience prevailed. He was sitting at The Folley and had seen several does, and all of a sudden this bruiser came strolling through the woods. At first sight, he knew this
big boy was a shooter! It was a 100 yard shot. He had to steady himself,
made perfect shot placement, and dropped the buck in his tracks. This 9
point weighed 190 pounds as he was somewhat run down after the rut. He had a
17 7/8 inch spread, 22 inch main beams, huge mass and long tines and scored
151 4/8. 

Spike, me, and my family rarely get to hunt. We never hunt bucks here on theplantation, because we want to save it for our valued customers. We have a couple of small plots that we hunt on, only when we have no customers. Rhett "Pookie" Caruthers, my son, and his family spent New Years with us. We had found a spot to hunt and put three portable deer stands up. I have yet to see a deer there, except for the nice buck that Pookie killed and Spike's doe! Spike sat in one stand and Pookie and my grandson Jayden sat in the double tree stand. I volunteered to rattle for them. Trusting them completely, I found an obscure spot between them and rattled off and on for about 30 minutes, nothing
happened!  So, I then texted them and told them that I was going to walk down the drain and see if I could run something to them. I would walk and stop
and deer grunt. I jumped something big and texted them, but I didn't see the deer. So, I went back and sat down, at my original rattling spot. After
about 2 minutes, I hear a boom, then another, then a few seconds later,a third!  I then get a text from Pookie that he had killed a respectable buck
and a text from Spike saying that he had killed a doe! Pookie's 8 point buck scored 128 5/8 and was 5 1/2 years old. I guess that I rattled his cage
because he was not accustomed to having another buck in his neck of thewoods!  Pookie's buck was prancing toward the bottom, with his nose in the air, heading towhere the suspected intruder was , when he saw him.  He had to thread the needle on both shots, through thick pines. His first shot grazed
the buck, and he stoned him with his second shot, using the shooting prowess thatI taught him so well! It was a 150 yard almost impossible shot, but my boy, Pookie,pulled it off. He has diligently passed up bucks for many years, but this 
was his timefor a wall hanger! 

Pictured with Pookie, are three of Connie and my grandchildren, Audrey, the youngest, Lahela, and Jayden

Donnie Johnson, shot this fine 8 point at Lester's Line, on 12/13/15. He had 
seen several
bucks and does running so fast that he could hardly tell what they were . He
was looking down a long road and all of a sudden this buck ran out of the
woods and plopped down in a mud hole. Donnie could see that he was a shooter
and didn't want to chance losing him, so he put his scope right on the
center of his chest and fired! When we got there to pick him up, he was dead
and still in the mud hole! Needless to say, Donnie was a happy hunter! This
buck weighed 210 pounds and scored 126 6/8.
Everyone please put Donnie in your prayers. He was diagnosed with colon
cancer in 2014 and has been battling it since then. He is as tough as a
lightered stump and has become a great trophy hunter. See you in October,